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Today is the first anniversary
of the first uploaded page
of my first photo webcomic strip

Friday, 20 October 2006


"The horrors of Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib prison have been brought to shocking life by the brush of Colombia's best-known painter, Fernando Botero."

"The artist says that anger drove him to portray the tortures inflicted by American soldiers upon Iraqi detainees in an Iraqi prison."

"This conduct by the Americans was a total shock for me..."

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Friday, 13 October 2006

"Independent, unilateral reporting, free from official strictures, is crucial; not simply to us as journalists but to the role we play in a free and democratic society."

US forces killed ITN reporter in Iraq

A coroner has recorded a verdict of unlawful killing on ITN reporter Terry Lloyd, who was shot dead by US forces in southern Iraq in March 2003.

Mr Lloyd was covering the British and American invasion of Iraq as a "unilateral" journalist, rather than those "embedded" with UK or US forces, who were subject to military censorship.

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) said Mr Lloyd's killing was a "war crime" and this was echoed by Mr Lloyd's widow, Lyn.

"This was not a friendly fire incident or a crossfire incident, it was a despicable, deliberate, vengeful act,"

An inquest heard Mr Lloyd was killed by a US bullet near Basra. His interpreter died and his cameraman is missing.

The inquest heard Mr Lloyd, 50 and originally from Derby, was hit while in a makeshift ambulance, having already been hurt in American-Iraqi crossfire.



There are two wars in Iraq.
One war is against the Iraqi people,
and the other is a war on witnesses.

another New York Times journalist killed in Basra

Fakher Haider has been killed after men claiming to be police officers abducted him from his home in Basra. He was found dead in a deserted area of the Iraqi city yesterday.

he is the 68th journalist killed in Iraq since the start of the war in March 2003 and the 19th this year (2005)

He is also the second New York Times journalist to have been killed in Basra over the past two months.

Last month the freelance journalist Steven Vincent was killed after he and his Iraqi translator were abducted at gunpoint.

Reuters cameraman to be held in Abu Ghraib without charge

he would not be allowed to see an attorney, his family or anyone else for the first 60 days of his detention.

Lieutenant Colonel Rudisill said he was aware of five journalists for major news media in detention, including Mr Mashhadani and another freelance cameraman who has worked for Reuters, as well as a cameraman for the US television network CBS. Journalists for other major international organisations have recently been released without charge after many months in custody.

Reuters soundman Waleed Khaled was killed in Baghdad, apparently by US troops, and cameraman Haider Kadhem, who was wounded in the same incident, has been held ever since by the US military for questioning. Reuters has demanded his immediate release. Iraqi police said US troops fired into the car carrying the Reuters team.

Pentagon Threatens to Kill Independent Journalists

"The Pentagon has threatened to fire on the satellite uplink positions of independent journalists in Iraq, according to veteran BBC war correspondent, Kate Adie.

In an interview with Irish radio, Ms. Adie said that questioned about the consequences of such potentially fatal actions, a senior Pentagon officer had said: "Who cares.. ..They've been warned."

She also warned that the Pentagon is vetting journalists according to their stance on the war, and intends to take control of US journalists' satellite equipment, in order to control access to the airwaves.

Another guest on the show, war author Phillip Knightley, reported that the Pentagon has also threatened they: "may find it necessary to bomb areas in which war correspondents are attempting to report from the Iraqi side."

Reporters Without Borders accuses US military
of deliberately firing at journalists

Reporters Without Borders called on US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld to provide evidence that the offices of the pan-Arab TV station Al-Jazeera and the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad were not deliberately fired at by US forces in attacks that killed three journalists.

"we can only conclude that the US Army deliberately and without warning targeted journalists. US forces must prove that the incident was not a deliberate attack to dissuade or prevent journalists from continuing to report on what is happening in Baghdad,"

"Very many non-embedded journalists have complained about being refused entry to Iraq from Kuwait, threatened with withdrawal of accreditation and being held and interrogated for several hours. One group of non-embedded journalists was held in secret for two days and roughed up by US military police,"

In Iraq, the US eliminates those
who dare to count the dead

"We don't do body counts," said General Tommy Franks of US Central Command. The question is: what happens to the people who insist on counting the bodies - the doctors who must pronounce their patients dead, the journalists who document these losses, the clerics who denounce them?

In Iraq, evidence is mounting that these voices are being systematically silenced through a variety of means, from mass arrests, to raids on hospitals, media bans, and overt and unexplained physical attacks.

RSF says that "arrests of journalists and
censorship of media reached a record high in 2003,"

Journalist death toll in 2004 was worst since 1955

Killings are not the only way to silence journalists. Reporters Without Borders also report that 107 journalists were in prison around the world on January 1 2005. China remains the world's biggest prison for journalists, with 26 detained...

reporters without borders

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