Saturday, 30 April 2011

being and time

... My fundamental beliefs are not rooted in any one religion and not in marxism etc neither ... I swim with Mary Poppins, the Doctor, The Invisibles and The Authority etc.

‎... there have been moments in my life when other people's JudgementsAccusationsAssumptions about me are so way way off the mark :) like (back in the late 1980s/start of the 90s) when the freshly deposed founders of ACT-UP London accused me of being Maoist or some such :)


‎... when I was naked in jail, xmas 2000, the thing I probably missed most (after my general liberty) was the latest issues of The Authority :) ...

... and I replied to Marx in 2010's London march against the pope's visit :)
... ...

Monday, 11 April 2011

entrainment and conformity

.. as an outsider, primarily viewing america through it's fictions, all the telly and movie cultural colonisation I've grown up with my whole life, and I'm nearly 51, it seems to me that america's youth are put through an AWFUL LOT of hierarchical (conformity inducing) hoops and rituals.

All that prom night stuff for starters etc,

and FLAGS IN THEIR CLASSROOMS for fucks sake. What a nightmare. (Or at least there were flags when I visited a school in Pennsylvania one day in 1970, but I imagine they are still there).

Plus earlier today I was reading an article (relating to a new movie) about how american students have to share a student sleeping room. HOW VERY conformity inducing. Don't ever allow young people to wander off with their OWN thoughts, ensure they don't stray too far in private, no, far too dangerous) (In my head I hear that last sentence being read in John Lydon's voice :)

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Of all the activists I've encountered over the decades ...

... the armchair AND the genuinely active varieties of activists all included, there's a recurring type, who are so blatantly stuck in some hellishly pessimistic 20th century gloom; like they're still stuck in the depressed period of the central character from Groundhog Day.

I tend to think of these types as the Two eMs - Misery and Meglomania; their beliefs are rooted in a VERY old fashioned, paranoid and dark 20th C idea about the sorry state of our common reality, compounded with a convenient habit of screening out all information that might contradict their hackneyed one-dimensional interpretations of the way of the world today

Yes they do have a lot in common with religious types don't they. Especially as they too believe in an ultimatepuppetmaster behind simply EVERYTHING.

And always these activists tend to personally "KNOW THE TRUTH" and tend to preach that most everyone else is stupid and duped and distracted etc :)

Plus of course like all of us these miserable activist individuals are complex and they often have many genuinely good and special qualities too.