Monday, 22 November 2010

Ian Richardson

"Sir Ian Richardson has final resting place in row A"

"New £112m Royal Shakespeare theatre to open its doors this week, with actor's ashes buried in the foundation"

... back in about 1978, when I briefly experienced a period without a home of my own, I sometimes used to pass Ian and Maroussia on the stairs :) they were off on tour and I was moving in as a temporary guest in their central London flat :)

... my beautiful great big Yamaha CS30 synth lived in Ian's flat for awhile in the late 70s :)

... I watched the first transmission night of Channel 4 upstairs in their south London house. I was on mushrooms I think :)

... Ian and Maroussia came to see my band performing in the early 80s. Was it the gig at the Broadway in Hammersmith?

... he used to make me laugh :)


... Ian's eldest grand daughter and me ... greeting the pope in London earlier this year :)

... his preferential choice of furniture was very alien to me though :) What was it? Edwardian perhaps :) Very very camp. Like a museum :)

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Commonplace episodes 1-9

Commonplace episode 1

... from the pages of the print edition of the Hackney Citizen

... Commonplace episodes 1 - 9


Friday, 12 November 2010


when I eventually got round to enjoying 3 years of Westminster Uni, 1998-2001, I climaxed by HANDwriting my final year's thesis while I was in a prison segregation cell, Brixton, continuously naked for a month, for the duration of the Uni Xmas Holidays :)

"what is #HigherEducation for? They all assume that the point of higher education is better earnings" ...

Monday, 1 November 2010


... from the pages of 999 DAYS in 3 minutes;

... comes just one day;

... "ME LEAF" ...


Stik's street people in Hackney, meet Krishnamurti, samhain 2010